MDF panels

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Sale of medium density MDF panels Bergamo Brescia

Located in Villongo (Bergamo, Italy), Besenzoni Legnami imports and sells MDF panels. MDF, acronym of medium-density fibreboard, indicates a medium density fibreboard panel. It is a wood-based product, very popular and resistant, composed of pressed wood fibers put together with resin or glue. The pressing process takes place at high temperatures and the final result is a smooth, rigid, knotless panel, denser than plywood and chipboard.

The advantages of MDF panels

The main advantages of MDF panels are:

  • High resistance;
  • Ease of cutting;
  • Excellent soundproofing level;
  • Useful versatility for furniture composition;
  • Low degree of swelling;
  • Suitable to be painted and varnished.

MDF panels: where are they used? → H3

MDF panels are used in various fields:

  • Interior decoration;
  • Construction of shelves, cabinets and furniture;
  • Wall coating;
  • Insulating covers;
  • Partition walls of rooms and offices;
  • Doors’ internal structure.