Sawn wood from old lamellas and from Venetian dolphins

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Sawn wood from antique lamellas

We are specialized in the processing of antique wood lamellas. We buy old wood from abandoned farmsteads and cut it on request. Wood is respected in its history, and any signs of wear caused by time are valued for aesthetic purposes, for a unique and very particular final result.

Panels from Venetian dolphins

Directly from the waters surrounding the most famous Italian lagoon, here are the Venetian dolphins, a typical Venetian element used in the sea to signal the waterways and to allow boats to moor. The dolphins are composed of two large wooden poles linked together and placed in the water, and are periodically replaced due to the marine terrines and the corrosion that they suffer in the depths.

In the furniture sector, Venetian dolphins represent one of the latest design trends. Besenzoni Legnami gives new life to the wood of these disused dolphins: each dolphin is deprived of the nails, dried and cut to form exclusive panels used for the construction of furniture and floors. This process is part of our philosophy: research of original, high-quality materials and respect for the environment, recovering and re-using pieces of great potential.

The panels obtained from the Venetian dolphins guarantee maximum stability and can be re-polished over time.