Wood and ABS edges

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Wood and ABS edges for furniture

Among the various types of edges for furniture, the most common ones are the ABS edges and the wood edges. Besenzoni Legnami offers wood and ABS edges with variable thickness, colors and decorations that recall different types of wood, from solid colors to design decorations. Perfect finishing solutions for a cutting-edge furniture industry.

We carry out edging services on site with a machine of ours.

ABS edges

Widely used for furniture finishing, ABS edges – acronym of acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene – are resistant, elastic and easy to work. Light, chemical agents and the various climatic conditions are well tolerated. High-quality products, able to guarantee homogeneity and an excellent aesthetic and functional result, also thanks to their anti-scratch characteristics. The different colors and models available make them suitable for any kind of environment, from residential to commercial. ABS edges are available in different thicknesses, from 0.4 to 3 mm.

ABS edges are available in all wood types and made from wood veneers of various thicknesses..

Wood edges

Our edges are very versatile giving value to any piece of furniture, even those made with low-value PANELS. With their natural look, our wood edges can be modulated to reach the desired thickness. The thickness can be worked, milled, grooved and shaped as desired.

The wood edges are available in all the wood types and are made from veneers of various thicknesses.