Sale of wood products in Bergamo and Brescia: our services

For over 50 years we have been importing and selling wood produced by national and international companies. Focusing on quality, refinement and new trends, we help craftsmen and carpenters to give life to furniture and furnishing complements, robust and durable over time, on the basis of customized projects, even the most specific ones.

Wood does not have secrets for us: we know everything, from all types of wood to cutting and gluing processes, and we hand this experience over those who request our help.

We select only exclusive, first choice raw materials. Our warehouse is always supplied with trendy woods and types of wood difficult to find.

We offer:


On all types of wood, processes, adhesive materials, paints

Cutting and edging

Customized services carried out on site thanks to cutting-edge machinery

Home delivery in 24h

with our own transport means